Richard Henry Blair

Independent Producer in the United States

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Internationally recognized producer, musician, clinical psychologist, writer, social activist, nature conservationist.

Educated at Emerson College (cum laude), Richard Henry Blair subsequently pursued graduate studies at Scripps College of Communication and advanced, self-directed multidisciplinary graduate and doctoral studies at the Merrill-Palmer Institute: most notably in developmental psychology with Greta Fein, social policy with Hyman Rodman (Brookings Institution), and clinical psychology with Clark Moustakas, a founder of Humanistic Psychology. While at Merrill-Palmer he contributed to the development of landmark research leading to national standards for Day Care and Head Start. He is a member of the Founding Grant Society at Stanford University.

Returning to his birthplace in the Berkshires of Massachusetts, he worked as Principal Psychologist at a comprehensive regional mental health center. There he held clinical directorships of the early intervention program, child and family services, and later of all outpatient services. Specialty areas included infant and child developmental assessment; play therapy; psychotherapy, program development; staff training.

Since the 90's he has worked as an independent producer, including efforts in his role as founder of an international, UK-based nonprofit organization which produced, promoted and published emerging and established musical artists. They represented artists on nearly every continent.

Richard pioneered the use of streaming internet audio in the UK and Europe. He also originated a mentor program which matched experienced musicians with aspiring artists, and as well launched the popular "Streets to the Internet" program which assisted internet-novice artists in the UK & Europe with web site design and studio production. He produced a signature radio program in Yorkshire, UK, presenting an eclectic mix of original music to new audiences.

Lifelong musician, he plays drum set, vibraphone, clarinet, and saxophones.

Richard is currently serves as a mentor to global humanitarian projects including the "Peace Center/Peace Trail” & "Superstudio NZ" initiatives for the country of New Zealand. He lives at Rancho Sacramento, a nature reserve he founded in Florida, and in New Orleans, LA and N. California.

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    • Theatrical, Film & Music Producer
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    • Emerson College